Three Easy Ways to Increase Your Profits Using Proximity Marketing

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Being able to send messages to people while they are in your local area will almost always get curious people to come into your store for the first time. They get a message tailored to the time of day, the conditions of the location and what is happening at your business right at that minute. If you are a restaurant, and you have a local band playing at your business now, you can communicate that to buyers who may be interested in coming by to see the band. The question that is on most business owners’ minds when they hear this is whether or not this will really make them more profitable. Will it really make them more money? The answer is yes, if you know how to use it. We will discuss three ways to make you more profitable.

  1. Offer Your Slow Moving Products at Full Price

When you have products or services that are not moving or buyers really get excited about other products or services instead, you can use proximity marketing to offer a discount specifically on those products by communicating that they are available here at your location right now. Selling your slow moving inventory could possibly catch someone who is in need of it at that moment.

  1. Offer Your Expiring Or Unsalable Products Or Service at a Discount

Sometimes you may find that you have guessed wrong on a certain trend you saw in the market and bought inventory or supplies based on it. Or maybe perhaps you may have hired temporary workers that you thought would be working on a new line of business, but no new customers came to use the extra labor. Use your proximity marketing services in order to get close by customers to see what you can offer right now. Getting new customers will help you to recover some of the costs you laid out and may perhaps even help you to turn profitable.

  1. Offer a Special Discount or Deal on days when you location is slowIf you have a business that depends on foot or walk in traffic, this can be very helpful to you. You are paying staff to be there. You are paying for utilities. So why not maximize the resource you are paying for in order to generate more revenue for your business. What proximity marketing will do is to allow you to offer deals to people as they are close by your location. In some cases, they may not actually purchase the “deal” that you offer, but you will have them at your location to get something that they do like.

These are three simple ways for you to generate more revenues for costs that you have already paid. Instead of giving up on a product, service or certain kind of inventory, why not take advantage of traffic that is virtually steps away from you on a given day.

There are a number of other ways to fully maximize this kind of marketing and if you are working with an independent marketer, they will probably help you to brainstorm. Because they tend to be smaller than an agency, they are willing to customize solutions for you that generate profits in a particular case. To keep focus on what you do best, which is providing value to your clients; it is smart to work with someone who does proximity marketing everyday and can think of the promotions that will work well with your product and your location.

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