So What Do I Offer When I Do Proximity Marketing?

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Because Proximity marketing works great to get customers to see you for the first time, you know that will really depend on them seeing a good offer that makes them want to take advantage of it ‘in the moment’ as they are walking or driving near your location. You could give half off your best service, but doing that all of the time, would not be good business and not keep you profitable. You could offer a chance at winning something, but is that going to bring the kind of person to your business that will or is likely to buy something in the future? If you don’t do something like that, how do you get people into your store? What do you promise them?

There are really two things that you want to accomplish with your proximity marketing if you want it to be the beginning of a long term relationship with a new buyer. The first is to make sure that you are communicating a unique selling proposition (or USP) of a product or of your place of business. You should do this regardless of what product that you offer for a discount of what reason you are using to bring them into the store. The reason is simple, even if the discount does not bring them in the store at that point, your unique selling proposition may bring them back later. Even though there is limited space for viewing on the phone, you want to make sure you are telling them about a USP.

What is a USP? A USP basically tells a buyer exactly why; he or she should buy from your business in a succinct statement. It doesn’t have to be catchy or snappy. It needs to ring true to the buyer. The most important thing about a USP is that it should matter to the buyer if he or she had it, or in other words; the benefit to the buyer should really matter to them. You will find good USPs with large successful companies and small successful companies.

For instance, you are probably familiar with Wal-Mart’s USP which is “Low Prices Every Day”. If you think about it, they have told customers exactly why they should come to Wal-Mart and why it should matter to them. You will want to do the same thing with your USP. Make sure that the benefit to the customer is something they value and that it separates you from everyone else who is in a businesslike and or near yours.

Your USP can be product based, price based or in this case, even location based. If the discount you are offering is on a certain food or drink, that may or may not appeal to the buyer enough to get them to walk into the store that day. But if you communicate to them that you are the only place on Main Street to get a Smoothie Made to Order that could be important to someone who will come into your store later.

That leads to the second thing that you want to do with the offer you use in your proximity marketing campaign. Make sure that it has some value to your potential customers. Of course, you will do this because you know your products and services better than anyone. Once your new buyer gets something they like or value, and they understand what your USP, you can bet that you have a good chance of getting them to come back.

Determining a USP can be a bit daunting and sometimes it is best to let someone who sets them up for other companies and knows what works, to do it for yours. If you have sense for what separates you from other business start outlining it. Often, independent marketers work with you on it as part of their services to you. Ask the professional you are working with if you need help coming up with one.

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