The Ultimate Proximity Marketing Fact Sheet

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What Is Proximity Marketing and will it make my business more profitable?

Proximity marketing is a way for you to get a promotional message to potential customers while they are near or “in proximity” of your location. You will be able to reach people on their mobile phones with a relevant special offer. Many of these will be new customers that may never see your other forms of advertising. Plus, it is not nearly as expensive to run new campaigns as other more traditional forms of advertising.

Is Proximity Marketing the Same As Sending a Text Message?

Almost. Proximity Marketing relies on Bluetooth technology. When people have their “Bluetooth” setting enabled on their phone, they can receive a message that you broadcast.

Is Proximity Marketing Legal? Will I Get In Trouble for Spam?

No. Whenever you send a broadcast message, the mobile phone user will have to agree to receive your message before they actually get to see it. If they refuse to accept he message, they will never see the offer.

Does this mean I need to stop my other advertising?

No, and as a matter of fact, you will be able to make your other advertising much more effective. Once you use proximity marketing to bring your customer in the store, you can help them to get on to your email newsletter list, make them aware of your website and sometimes also help them to get access to special text message promotions that you send to your customers. It is a very powerful combination.

What Do I Need To Know In Order to Make Proximity Marketing Work? Do I have to have lots of technical or computer knowledge?

No. The thing that you will need to focus on is knowing how much it cost for you to acquire a new customer on average and then how much you expect each customer to spend with you over a lifetime. If you know those two numbers, you will be able to run many successful campaigns. If you don’t know those numbers, it will be a good idea to learn what they are with respect to your business. You can improve all of your promotions with that knowledge.

Is a Proximity Marketing System Easy to Set up and Operate?

Yes it is. However, the best thing to do is to leave the setup to your marketing consultant. They can get it running for you, so that you can focus on creating the value for the new customers that will come as a result of this new and exciting way to market your business. A good independent consultant can work with you at a “non-agency” price and customize the proximity marketing system to your particular business.

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