Expand Your Customer Base Using Proximity Marketing

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Proximity marketing is an absolutely great way to expand your customer base. You will have access to a brand new set of prospects as they walk or drive by your location; and you have the added benefit of being able to show them on the spot what you have to offer. You will not have to wait for them to get to their computer, you will not have to wait for them to drive to your business from home, and you will be able to show them exactly what you have to offer in the moment. And once you have mastered what kind of message you want to send, you will be able to generate additional profits at will. Many of these customers can and will become permanent customers.

But there is an even more powerful way of using proximity or location based marketing to get more permanent clients, and that is by forming good marketing alliances with other businesses and run campaigns in sync. By establishing these strategic marketing alliances, you will have access to another set of customers that may or may not have looked at your business otherwise.

If you think about it, your prospects and customers are just like you in that we all love a good deal. The deal could be even better if we can act on it ‘in the moment” or ‘while we are out” of the house. All we have to do is to be creative about thinking about a business’s customer base. In fact, when we ask the question, where else does my typical customer go shopping? What else does my typical customer buy? When we begin to think about and answer those questions we will be able to think of a number of marketing alliances to form. Then the question becomes, how will I use proximity marketing and then how will it expand my customer base.

Let’s first look at a list of complementary businesses

  1. Movie theatre – Restaurant
  2. Gas Station – Car Wash
  3. Health Spa – Sporting Goods Store
  4. Paint Store – Carpet Store
  5. Nursery — Landscaper
  6. Music Store – Music Instructor

If you look at the relationships between the businesses, you can see that each one of these pairs probably has a similar customer base and could easily work together using proximity marketing to expand their reach. For instance, the restaurant could gain access to the customer base of the movie theatre and the movie theatre could have access to the customer base of the restaurant. These new customers, brought in with an effective proximity marketing campaign, would be ripe to become permanent customers, if they feel good about their experience.

So to take the example of the restaurant and movie theater farther, you might ask how a proximity marketing campaign would actually work. In one case, the movie theater could broadcast a message to

those in the movie theater that those who take their stubs from the 8:30 PM showing of “Moneyball” to the restaurant will receive 40% off a specific menu item (perhaps a new or slow moving menu item). Because a good number of attendees to this movie will likely be looking to buy dinner, they may be willing to take a chance on the restaurant and their discounted menu item.

The key is that the discount offered was relevant, and depended on the alliance between movie theater and restaurant. Without an alliance, the movie theater is not likely to broadcast the message for the restaurant. Without the proximity of the people in a certain theater, it would probably be impractical for the restaurant to send a broadcast to the movie theater. In the end, the restaurant gets customers that were solely the domain of the movie theater.

The restaurant would do the very same kind of thing for the movie theater, maybe perhaps for a movie that is not selling so well or is not popular in the press. The typical “Arts” related movie houses would be a good fit for this kind of plan. The most important factor for the movie theater, is that they will have access to a different set of customers than they ordinarily would and have a good chance to make them permanent customers.

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