How Bands and Entertainers Are Using Mobile Marketing

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Mobile marketing is a great promotional tool in the hands of a band that understands the basic principles of how it works. The reason it is such a great promotional tool is that SMS text messaging gives bands very close contact with its fans. In fact, since 95% to 97% of all text messages are read by the receiver, that contact is instant.

Since people are on the move and are spending less time in front of their personal computers, they are much more accessible on their mobile phones. Once they have agreed to receive SMS messages; a band can use that system to reach out to them with important news and updates.

All the band has to do is to request their fans to text to a special number or keyword in between sets at all of their venues. When fans do this, they are entering themselves into the mobile phone database of the band or entertainer. That entertainer is then in the driver’s seat to use this database to contact his or her fans. But how are bands creatively getting their fans to willingly provide their mobile phone number?

Some bands use a contest allowing random fans to win something with the band’s name and/or logo on it. That something is often a T-Shirt or a downloaded ringtone of one of their new songs. Other bands give their fans the capability of texting a message to a special code or keyword for the purpose of knowing where they (the band) will be performing.

Still others are using mobile technology to let users know when they are going to be in a certain area of the country. When one Midwestern band records a new song or releases a new CD, one of the band members uses their SMS System to let their fan base know. Of course, it helps if the band also has a mobile website where people can actually see an image of the item that they are buying. These factors increase fan interest in bands over time when they use mobile technology to stay connected to their fans.

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