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Because there are so many details that involve a patient’s treatment, health professionals have to rely on appointment setting to manage the resources in their practice. This helps to keep costs down and pricing manageable for the patients to who come there. Appointment setting also allows for efficient staffing practices as well as precise timing for available testing procedures. Appointments are, to some degree, the business of a private health practice.

Doctors and their staff then, must do what they can do keep missed appointments by patients to an absolute minimum. When a patient schedules an appointment and does not show up, this is not only a missed revenue opportunity, but it is also a cost to the practice. Doctors in recent years have minimized these kinds of no shows with ‘robo-calling’ systems.

However, these calls are known to irritate patients who either do not appreciate unexpected telephone calls on their mobile phone or just don’t answer them all together. When people ‘see’ the Caller ID of a telephone call that they do not recognize, they don’t answer it. Once again, this leads to an expense (on the ‘robo-call’ system) that may or may not provide the practice with the lost revenue from missed appointments that it would desire.

However, health professionals can successfully manage their missed appointments by using mobile technology. In particular, the successful implementation of a text messaging system can help the practice to regain it costs on it with one or two saved appointments. Because text open rates are between 95% and 97%, there is good reason to believe that the patient is likely to see the practice’s reminder message, and subsequently keep their appointment. Or they could see the message and cancel their appointment, allowing the practice to call someone else to come in.

A practice can use the system to provide other services to its patients to beef up its patient satisfaction efforts. SMS messages could be set up for prescription refill reminders or even helping patients to be reminded to take their medications. Because of the relatively low cost of sending text messages, health practices can provide value added services like this, at no additional cost making it stand out in highly competitive markets.

If you are a health professional and you want to manage your appointments more efficiently using mobile technology, contact Thad Hubbard at (443) 599-9053. He can customize a system for your practice that will allow you to be effective in regaining lost revenues from missed appointments. He will also help you to provide value added services to those who come to your practice.

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