Mobile Marketing for Bars and Night Clubs: How to Pack the House

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Foot traffic, good word of mouth and customer fun & excitement are the keys to continuous profits for bar and nightclub owners. In some cases, people will remain loyal to their favorite watering hole; but typically this is only the case if their friends remain loyal. Therefore, any manager and or owner must do what they can to create an environment for a fun time. They must also do what they can to make it so that the fun time extends beyond the initial visit for as many of the people who are coming as possible.

Presently, bars and nightclubs are using mobile marketing systems to make the fun last longer for their patrons. Here is how a mobile marketing system typically works. Let’s consider a bar who has live entertainment on a certain night of the week. A bar owner asks the band leader, whose group is the live entertainment for the evening, to make an announcement as it finishes it fifth number. The time comes and the band leader says that the bar is, “giving away a free t-shirt” to someone who sends the code: “band” to their keyword.

So the people, who are there, spend the next five minutes using their mobile phone to send in their message. When another five minutes passes, one of the patrons finds out they have won, as they get a text message to their phone. That patron goes to retrieve the t-shirt, but the bar owner has just done something fantastic. Everyone who tried to win that t-shirt has now become part of the bar’s mobile database. And when the bar or nightclub has an exciting message to share about what’s going on there, they can hit a button and send a text message to all of those who were in attendance.

Because most of those who received the message will read it (the latest statistics say 97% will), the bar owner can now share that excitement with them as it is happening. Patrons can now send a text message to find out what band is playing on a particular evening. While on the other hand, the bar owner can initiate a message alerting them when there is an event like, “Ladies Night”.

Some bars have been even more creative than this. Some are using their SMS system to turn waiting in line to enter the bar, to a fun time for the customer by using a ‘contest’. Each of the patrons is encouraged to send a text to the bar’s keyword while they wait. And then at random, a select few win the opportunity not to have to pay the cover charge to get in. Once again, the bar owners builds the database while creatively addressing an element of being at a bar that is not so fun.

If you would like to use mobile technology at your location to use contests and fun times to build your loyal customer base, call Tim Tebow at 778-778-7788. He can create a customized and affordable solution for your location.

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