Mobile Marketing for Automobile Service Centers

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An automobile service center can increase its revenues with more frequent trips to the location made by its customers. Those additional trips don’t happen automatically. They typically happen with reminders from the service center to the customer, whether they come in the mail, by telephone or email. When a person is reminded to come for service or an oil change, they will typically respond positively when it is convenient for them.

But this poses a problem. Can every service center afford to hire someone to call and do appointment reminders? In some cases, the answer is no. If that is the case, can the mechanic or one of his or her staff, take time away from servicing cars in order to look up records and make calls to those who are due for routine service? They could, but that would probably not be a good use of their time.

What if the appointment center could send out accurate reminders to its customers without having to hire someone or without having to take time away from repairing cars? What if those reminders were automated, so that every time a car owner came in, that customer would be automatically placed in a database and reminded when their time for service came up? What if the setup happened one time and the service center owner did not have to manage the system? This would definitely be worth the time and investment for the service center owner, if it could be made affordable for them.

Both Mobile Websites and SMS Marketing make all of this affordable. The reason is simple. It is much more likely that a business owner will reach someone by their mobile phone than through other ways. Current statistics state that over 50% of people connecting to the internet, do so on their mobile phone.

That means that people are spending time on their phones and can be reached, with a text message. The same statistical analysis says that 95% of all text messages that are sent, are actually opened and read by the person getting them. So making sure that a customer gets a reminder at the three month point for their oil change is as simple as collecting their mobile phone number when they get their car serviced.

The same is true of required service and warranty reminders also. With a good automated SMS system, your customers can get messages from you that they will appreciate because you are helping them to take care of their investment.

Some auto dealers and mechanics have taken the concept one step farther in sending out text messages when a repaired car is ready for pickup. While this only replaces something that is already being done (a telephone call), it still ensures that the notice will reach the customer and is likely to be read. This increases their customer service effort and sets the service center a part from others in the same city or town.

If you like to have an affordable system to help you increase the revenues in your service center, just call TextAlpha, at (443) 599-9053. We can create a system that is custom made for your repair center. The system can be used to increase your customer service efforts as well as your contact efforts. Call TextAlpha today for more information.

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